Take part in ‘Who’s the Daddy’ at Bingo Street this weekend


    As you may or may not have realised, it’s Father’s Day this Sunday so in typical Bingo Street style, there is a promotion to honour the occasion. The £1K Who’s Your Daddy game will play at 9.45pm on Sunday but you can head to the site and stock up on your tickets now, you never know, you may be busy on the day taking your Dad out for dinner or something.

    This bingo game is worth a fairly impressive £1000 but even more impressive is the cost of the bingo tickets and that’s a rather teeny 20p. You can purchase a maximum of 96 so you’d still get change for a twenty of you were to max out. The jammy winners will receive their winnings immediately after the game so you could be a good deal richer on Monday morning, or better still, hand your winnings over to your lovely Dad as it’s a FATHER’s DAY game!

    Bingo Street hasn’t been around all that long having emerged on the Joy of Bingo network about a year ago. You may have caught glimpse of bingo’s hottest street on TV but if not, why not check out Bingo Street today. There’s a whopping 250% welcome bonus on first deposits and up to £5 extra bonus when you play the bonus game ‘Shake the Signpost’.

    Bingo Street (New)
    Bingo Street (New) – Get £25 FREE!

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