Tasty Bingo Exclusive Weekend Voucher Codes

    It’s time to get your fill of delicious bingo voucher codes at Tasty Bingo this weekend. This is such an exciting way to make your money go miles further – just make sure you enter the correct code, and get loads of extra cash on each deposit.

    Now then – when was the last time you went out for dinner date? If you are the top instant game or bingoer during the week, you could be ordering your next meal from a restaurant menu, and enjoying a side dish of 100% extra, all thanks to Tasty.

    Also, you could be feeding your family for as little as a penny. The treat includes delicious pizzas, garlic bread, dips, drink and much more, and it’s all on the house thanks to Tasty. The scrumptious game plays every other Thursday at 6 PM – be the player to bingo first on the pizza pattern, and open wide for the delicious prize.

    There’s a big dollop of free cash waiting for you too – sign today to get £10 best deposit bonus, plus 200% free. Don’t forget, Tasty also support Breast Cancer Care – so many great reasons to play – now tuck in and get your fill!

    Tasty Bingo
    Tasty Bingo – Get £20 FREE!

    Tasty Bingo

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