Tea and Bingo Has the “Winability” Factor!

    You know that nothing goes better with a cup of tea than a game of bingo and at Tea and Bingo, you provide the tea, they provide the bingo and the prizes. It is only a few short months since this site came live online and it is really proving to be a big UK bingo favourite. The Tea-m at this site is a bunch of busy bees and they have already jacked up everyone’s favourite local. This is the Frog and Crown and it is the bingo room where you can have one on the house. You can also have three or four if you like because a lot of free bingo games are up for grabs and one plays on the hour every hour.

    The new Frog and Crown games have the “winability” factor and this room has already extended its opening hours. You will also find the Friday night theme games in this room where a ton of prizes are given away. Tea And Bingo Roomies love this event so much because there is all the banter you can handle and you can put your trivia knowledge to the test. They do a roaring trade in bingo and if you bore your friends to death with your trivia knowledge, then you may as well get rewarded for it.

    Madam T Bags is another feature of this site that is free, interactive and fun. She is the resident Tea and Bingo tea leaf reader, so have your leaves read to see if your luck is in. She will stun you with her insight and the nice thing about this tea leaf reading is you can send it to your friends for free. You don’t even have to be a member of the bingo site to get your leaves read, so pop in, share a cuppa and play.
    Tea And Bingo (New)
    Tea And Bingo (New) – Get £10 FREE!

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