Tea & Biscuits – The Great British Love Affair

    Is there anything better in life than a brew and a biccie?

    And is there a more stereotypically British image than someone sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea? As bad as things get, a hot cuppa with your favourite biscuit can always lift your spirits. We’re not the first to praise this magical marriage and Britain is a tea drinking nation after all, no matter how many trendy coffeeshops pop up!

    So, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best tea and biscuit combinations there are. We’ve whittled it down to four essential pairings that will see you through thick and thin: Twinings English Breakfast with Bourbons, Yorkshire Tea with Digestives, Tetley with Hobnobs and – perhaps a controversial one here – Twinings Chai with Oreos!

    Infographic that looks at the best tea and biscuit combinations

    But what are your favourite biscuit and tea combos? To get involved in the conversation, tweet @gr8britishbingo and tell us if we’ve taken the proverbial biscuit or we’ve got it just right!

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