The Easter Money Bunny’s hiding out at Big Brother Bingo

    The Easter Money Bunny is spending the week at Big Brother Bingo and will be leaving the odd Easter treat laying around for the site’s members. In fact treats may be a bit of an understatement as there’s actually 2 lots of £500 guaranteed jackpots to be won!

    Catch the first of these bingo games on Sunday 8th of April in the Diary Room from 9pm. Tickets are just 5p and you’re allowed to buy a maximum of 96 so you would get change from a fiver even if you maxed out! It’s a 90 ball bingo game and the Full House prize is £250 and the 2 line prize is £150, there’s even £100 for the 1 line winner.

    Then on Monday 9th April you can play the second game which is 75 ball bingo. This game also plays in the Diary Room from 9pm and costs 10p per ticket, so this time round you could buy the maximum amount of tickets for under a tenner.

    That’s two very special bingo games this Easter weekend worth a staggering £1000! Sure beats choccie eggs!

    If you took part in the recent vote for the Best Big Brother audition of all time you will have automatically earned a free ticket into one of the Easter games.

    For those of you who have not yet joined Big Brother Bingo, you might be interested to know there’s a 200% welcome bonus on first deposits plus access to the exclusive newbie game – Stairway to Swag. This game pays out up to £20 bonus and that’s not all, Big Brother Bingo gives you the chance to win BB props and memorabilia from the show as well and keeps you up to date with all the latest BB news. What are you waiting for?

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