The Fiery £500 at Bingo Street

    Celebrate Bonfire Night at Bingo Street where you will get to experience their Fiery £500 game first hand. This is a cracker of a bingo game offering £300 to the first player who covers their bingo card and guess what? Bingo cards cost just 10p!

    There’s also a pot worth £200 to be shared between the 1TG and 2TG players. You can pre-buy your tickets now for the game which isn’t scheduled to play until Saturday 3rd December, this seems a long way off given that Bonfire Night is this week but hey ho. There’s still £500 to be won and bargain bingo tickets at just 10p so what am I moaning about?!

    Bingo Street has recently revised their sing up bonus to be 250% on your first deposit plus up to £5 no free when you shake the signpost to reveal a guaranteed bonus. When Bingo Street first launched their welcome offers were amazing, you could get up to £1000 when you shook that signpost but as with a lot of new bingo sites, they have to amend their welcome offers later on to be a bit more realistic. That said, 250% first deposit bonus isn’t too shoddy and you can pick up a free fiver, it could be worse!

    Bingo Street (New)
    Bingo Street (New) – Get £12 FREE!

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