The Great British Summer: Top Things To Do This Summer

    Raining during the British Summertime



    Brace yourselves, summer is coming…hopefully!

    It’s almost that time of the year again, where Summer rolls around for one precious week for all us Brits to savour. It comes and goes in a fleeting moment, that makes you wonder whether it even happened at all. It’s officially British Summer time since the clocks went forward, but winter weather seems to still be hovering over us like some sort of frozen horcrux!

    When people think of British weather, the words that usually come to mind are grey and wet. But for one special moment, perhaps a day, perhaps a week, Britain finally sees the sun, with temperatures soaring above 20 degrees. How the Australians must laugh at us!

    Because this moment is so short, you need to be prepared to make the most of it. Get the barbeques out, get your shorts on and let the Vitamin D rain down on you in all its glory. Here’s our tongue-in-cheek guide to the British summer:

    Go for a walk

    It may seem a bit mundane, but there’s nothing quite like walking round Britains many nature trails on a beautiful summer day. If you’ve got a dog, take it with you – studies have shown they love walks! Or if you can’t be bothered picking up its ‘deposits’, leave it in the garden – they’re just happy it’s warm really. Britain is quite an amazing place to look at when the suns out, with lush fields of green within easy reach for most of us.

    Drive your car with the windows down

    It seems like a crazy idea, surely the rain will pour through as soon as I wind the window down? Normally this would be the correct thinking, but when the suns out briefly, you can actually wind your window down and enjoy the fresh air as you drive. You can finally rest your arm along the ridge of the window like you’re in California. Savour this time for months to come, as you longingly look through your car window when it starts raining again. Tip: Make sure the cars next to you can hear your music as you wait at a red light, it will make their day, nod to them with the assurance of this.

    Wear a vest in public (caution!) and impress your colleagues

    Vest tops are always a controversial thing, especially in Britain. Girls will be flaunting their shoulders everywhere on a hot day, and rightly so, but there’s a lot of social stigma to men wearing them out in public. I personally think people should be able to wear what they want without being judged, but if you’re a guy and you’re wearing a vest top out in public, you’re a criminal and you will be locked up for it (we’re kidding of course!).

    Try and go to a crowded beach  area where you can spend time trying to park the car

    Britain is not famous for its beaches, but when a hot day arrives, you need sand and sea to make the most of it. This means if you’re a city dweller, you need to make your way to the closest beach available. When you get there don’t be alarmed at how busy it is, this is normal, as there are only very few beaches around the UK. Just embrace it. Get shoulder to shoulder with the strangers lying down next to you as you all enjoy the great british weather.

    Have a drink in a beer garden

    End the day’s antics by enjoying an ice cold beverage at your favourite pub in their beer garden. Chat and laugh with your friends as you watch the sunset, waving goodbye for another 9 months, as a solemn tear runs down your cheek. Short but sweet!


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