The Joy Carnival at Wink, Tasty, RedBus, Posh and Bingo Street

    There’s a Bank Holiday at the end of this month so Wink Bingo and the other Joy of Bingo sites (Tasty, RedBus, Posh and Bingo Street) is celebrating this event with the Joy Carnival worth £15,000! This event will offer up penny bingo and 100% cash back when you’re unlucky and don’t win.

    There’s a total of £15,000 to be won over 5 days over the 5 of the Joy of Bingo sites starting with Bingo Street on Thursday 25th August. The first bingo game kicks off at 9.45pm and costs just 1p per ticket for the chance to win £1000. Then on Friday 26th August there’s a game again at 9.45pm at Tasty Bingo, this time tickets are 2p and there’s £2000 up for grabs. On Saturday 27th August there’s £3000 to be won and tickets cost just 3p, can you see a pattern starting to form? Posh Bingo hosts the Sunday 28th August game, tickets are 4p and the jackpot is £4000 then on Bank Holiday Monday 29th August, there’s £5000 to be won with tickets costing just 5p.  The best bit is that you can get 100% cash back if you lose!

    You can play in each of these bingo games provided you’re a registered member of each site. Joy of Bingo is well known for their top bingo sites and brilliant promotions so you can be sure that each of these sites are worthy of your custom so why not check them out and see what you think.

    Wink Bingo
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