The Jubilee Joy Pot hits 888 Ladies Bingo

    To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 888 Ladies are hosting their very first Joy Pot game – the £20K Jubilee Joy Pot! 888 Ladies recently migrated to the Joy of Bingo network which means they have a new bingo family in RedBus Bingo, Posh Bingo, Tasty Bingo, Wink Bingo and Bingo Street.

    These sites are firm favourites amongst online bingo players and I’ve yet to meet a player who hasn’t heard of the legendary Joy Pot games. Basically, the Joy of Bingo pops £100,000 into the Joy Pot at the beginning of the year, then across the various sites, at different points in the year, payers can win huge amounts of money in the special Joy Pot games.

    Now it’s 888 Ladies turn to run a game and it’s a big one! The Jubilee Joy Pot will play on 1st June at 10pm at 888 Ladies Bingo, the game will pay out a gigantic £12,000 to the house winner, whilst the 2 line winner will pick up a very respectable £5000 and even the 1 line winner will be in for a treat with a £3000 prize!

    You can earn your way into this bingo game by earning Joy Points across the 6 Joy sites. You can pick up 5 points when you bingo on the pot of gold pattern, 2 points for every £10 wagered on bingo games and 1 point for every £50 wagered on instants. Bingo on the number 88 for a single point and if you have plans for the Queen’s Jubilee, email them into [email protected] and you’ll be awarded another 20 points.

    You can collect points until the 27th May, when they will be counted and merged and then redeemed for free bingo tickets into the big game. If you’d rather cut the fuss and just pre-purchase your tickets, they will set you back a very reasonable £2 per ticket and can be bought solely from the hosting bingo site, 888 Ladies.

    New members who join this fantastic bingo site get a generous 200% welcome bonus on their first deposit, this is topped up with an additional £5 purely because the 888 Ladies want to and there’s also 50% on future reloads too! What are you waiting for? Head to 888 Ladies Bingo and get yourself signed up to one of the best online bingo sites around, and all new member of the Joy of Bingo family.

    888 Ladies
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