The Perfect Girls’ Night In

    Everyone deserves some rest and relaxation from time to time and what better way to chill out than with your best friends. Having a girls night in is the perfect way to end any week no matter how stressful it might have been and that is why we wanted to write you a guide to having the perfect evening with your friends.

    Group Of Women Sitting Around Table Eating Dessert

    The first thing lots of people want to do after a long day is change into some comfy clothes and start to wind down. Having the perfect night with the girls can give you even more reason to get into something comfortable and start to de-stress. We suggest that you make your ideal night in with the girls pyjama friendly. Don’t be afraid to recommend that everyone bring their most comfortable pair of PJs, a warm fluffy dressing gown, and maybe even that oversized hoodie that is normally reserved for winter nights. Getting comfortable is the first step to winding down and having fun, so make sure you aren’t afraid to dress down.

    So how else can you and your best friends make the most of a night in? Well, we suggest you really treat yourselves and get some tasty food in for the evening. We can understand with Christmas fast approaching that a lot of people will be watching their waistlines so we can understand if a healthy selection of snacks is made priority on the food list, but everyone is allowed a treat every so often so we suggest either ordering in or getting a premium ready meal so that you and the girls can make the most of the time you have before you tuck in to something delicious. Of course, the best thing about being with friends is that you can get some communal dishes and enjoy a bit of everything rather than being stuck with one mediocre dish. Scrap the diet just for one fun night and make the most of an evening with friends by having something you know you’ll really enjoy.

    Many people would testify to just how good a nice glass of wine can be at the end of the week, but we can understand that drinking isn’t for everyone which is why we recommend making a delicious selection of mocktails for you and your friends to enjoy. Of course there’s nothing wrong with a few of the girls bringing a bottle of wine but it’s great to be able to prepare a sweet treat for everyone that is a little bit guilt free without the extra alcoholic calories. There are some amazing mocktail recipes online for drinks that you wouldn’t even be able to tell weren’t the real deal.

    The evening is shaping up perfectly with good company, comfy clothes, delicious drinks, and fantastic food, but it’s worth thinking about how you want to spend your time in the evening as well. One thing we would recommend is finding a great playlist on YouTube or Spotify that all the girls can add to. Make sure you get some of your favourite pop classics on there and a few songs from when you were at school which everyone is sure to enjoy and have a laugh about as well as a few stories to tell. Don’t forget that you can also throw in a few karaoke classics throughout the evening and see who can hit the high notes.

    If your voices start getting a bit worn out from chatting and singing then another great thing to do on the perfect girly night in is to get everyone to bring along one of their all time favourite films. You can have a vote and see what everyone is in the mood to watch. Some great films we recommend are Notting Hill, Pitch Perfect, The Notebook, and Bridesmaids. See what mood you and the girls are in and decide whether you want to be laughing along with a film or if you might need to get some tissues at the ready if someone gets a bit emotional. Either way, a film can be a great way to spend some of the evening.

    Our final essential element to the perfect night in is something which everyone can do together and reminds you exactly why you are all best friends. We recommend playing a game of bingo with all the girls. There are a couple of ways to play as you can either have your own game each, or you can play one game together as a group, but with the excitement and fun of an online bingo game all of you will be working together and feel like a real team. Plus, the thrill of winning is even better when you win with your friends.

    Do you have any other essential tips for the perfect girls night in? Or has this inspired you to have a great night with your best friends? Let us know in the comments below.

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