The Ultimate Bingo Playlist

    Sometimes when you’re about to play some online bingo it can be great to turn on your speakers, put on some of your favourite tracks, and get winning amazing prizes. But everybody has had that moment where they just don’t know what to play next? It may even be that you have scrolled through all your music and just cannot find anything that suits the mood. That is exactly why we have created the ultimate bingo playlist full of tracks that are sure to inspire you as you’re playing and give you that extra bit of luck needed to win.

    She's a winner

    1. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
    What better song could there be to get you prepared for a great game of online bingo. This song is enough to inspire anybody to become a champion at whatever they do, and that is exactly why we have included it on the ultimate bingo playlist. This is the perfect track to listen to as you sit down to play. We guarantee that your self-belief will be sky high.

    2. Kylie Minogue – I Should Be So Lucky
    So now you are in the zone and ready to play you need a track that will prepare you to win some prizes. This song is the perfect lucky charm and with some help from this Australian pop princess we’re sure you’ll be hitting your winning streak before you know it!

    3. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
    Now you’ve really got warmed up there’s no way you should be slowing down. Let a bit of Freddie Mercury help you along the way. This is the ideal song to play along to because we know that if you’re playing Bingo you’ll be having a good time.

    4. Abba – The Winner Takes It All
    Unfortunately you can’t win every game that you play, and while this song might reflect your mood when you don’t win it’s still an Abba classic which makes for great listening. Although you may not be able to take it all every time we’re sure that a bit of Swedish pop will help you power through to your next game.

    5. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing
    Just because you haven’t won a couple of games doesn’t mean you won’t start very soon, and that’s exactly why this song is the ideal motivation. Don’t stop believing because otherwise you might quit too soon. The more you believe in yourself the more you could win.

    6. Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
    After playing a few games you might be on a winning streak or feeling like your luck is about to turn, and that’s exactly why nothing should stop you! This song is the perfect morale booster and works as the ideal reminder that nothing is going to stop you from achieving what you want to achieve.

    7. Tina Turner – Simply the Best
    After winning a few prizes we are certain that you will be feeling like you are the champion of the world. You know it, we know it, Tina knows it, you are simply the best. This empowering song is great to sing along to while playing and if you sing loud enough you can let everyone know that you’re better than all the rest.

    8. Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough
    If you really are on a winning streak and you have hit your stride then we’re certain that this song will capture how you are feeling perfectly. Everyone loves the thrill of a win and we’re sure you won’t want to stop as you get closer and closer to that prize you’ve been dreaming of. Even if you haven’t started winning yet we know you’ll still love this classic track.

    9. Spandau Ballet – Gold
    What better way to celebrate playing some great games and winning some fantastic prizes than soundtracking it with one of the most recognisable choruses of all time. We know that after a few wins you’ll be feeling amazing and we’re pretty sure that qualifies you as being absolutely golden. Make sure you sing along loudly to this one to make your day even better.

    10. Queen – We Are The Champions
    If you’ve played a full day of bingo and won a few prizes then we hope you’ll be feeling successful. That’s exactly why we couldn’t think of anything better than this anthemic Queen track to round off our ultimate bingo playlist. There’s no doubt about it that you are a bingo champion, and if today wasn’t your lucky day then the ultimate bingo playlist will be there for tomorrow to help motivate you to success. Just make sure you play everything nice and loud so that you can appreciate these great tracks as much as possible.

    Do you have any favourite tracks that you listen to when you’re playing a few games? Or have you listened to our playlist and felt luckier than usual? We want to know all about it, so tell us in the comments below!

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