Touch the Stars in Mile High Bingo’s New Zodiac Room

    It’s written in the stars that you shall travel to far-flung exotic destinations this year, possibly if you play at Mile High Bingo. Introducing the brand-new Zodiac Room, with £1111 guaranteed every month. The full house prize is a fairly respectable £500, plus 20 free tickets to the next game. Cover four lines to win £300, three lines to win £150, and two lines to win £100. In a move of generosity, you also get 10 free tickets to your sign’s game on your birthday.

    Now then, we are all advised not to drink too much on board an aeroplane, so take it easy when you play Happy Hour. Get your bottoms up every Magic Monday between 4 PM and 6 PM, for an evening of pub quizzes, reload bonuses of 100%, and double loyalty points.

    You can also play many free games every day at Mile High, and you don’t need to make a deposit. Play freebies between 7 AM and 7 PM every eight minutes in the Free for All room. There’s only a small jackpot for the taking – £1 each time, but it will still give you a feel for the software, which, by the way, is DragonFish.

    Climb aboard today for a 150% welcome bonus, and strap yourself in for the ride.

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