Tuesday Pub Quiz at Beacon Bingo

    Forget going to the real pub where drinks cost a fortune, join the Pub Quiz every Tuesday at Beacon Bingo. It’s put on by those fabulous chat moderators, and is the perfect time to relax, natter with your fellow roomies, and to win prizes.

    And oops, you missed it this month, but whatever you do, don’t miss it next time around – on the last weekend of every month, there are £200,000 in guaranteed prizes. These monster games play in the Loughborough Room every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s 30 days away yet, which gives you plenty of time to pre-buy and spread the cost.

    Beacon is one of the best places to play Superbooks games – play Monday to Saturday at 8 PM, and you can upgrade your free bingo games to big-money winnings for just a couple of pence.

    Every Friday night at 9 PM, and Saturday as well, you can enjoy Nifty 50 games – these guaranteed jackpots are set at £50, as the name implies.

    One of my favourite things about visiting Beacon is the greeting you get – they’ve made a cool video, with one of the managers saying Howdy when you click on the homepage. He’s certainly very cheery, and it makes the site distinctive and memorable. What a lovely welcome. Sign today for your first deposit bonus, and to join the Beacon gang.

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