Two Enormous Party Nights Coming Soon at Ruby Bingo

    Whenever I need my faith restoring, I always go and see Ruby at Rubys Bingo. You can guarantee that she has a brilliant and dazzling line-up of new bingo promotions to entertain and delight.

    For instance, if you play at her site on Friday October 5, you can participate in a guaranteed £10,000 Party Night. She’ll put on a mighty fine spread of buy one get one free games, £100 Party Games, and £300 Super Games. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, there’s a £500 Linx game at 9:30 PM.

    And Ruby’s determined to see September out on a high note – on Friday, September 28, she’s throwing a £100,000 Party Night. Play in the Royal Court room on the Saturday and Sunday from 5 PM, for £700 party games, penny bingo games, and massive Linx games.

    And don’t forget to check out Magic Mondays – be in the Royal Court from 7 PM every week to compete for over £10,000 in big prize money. The fun starts at 7 PM with a £650 game.

    This is just a tiny sample of all the activity Ruby puts on for her loyal players – join her today for a free £5 newbie bonus, plus up to 300% on your first deposit.

    Ruby Bingo
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