Two Fat Ladies Bingo- Promotions to Send you to Sleep

    The promotions at Two Fat Ladies have been the same, ever since I discovered this site, perhaps one has been added another has been taken away, but you will have barely noticed them in the passing. It’s sad really because this site has the potential, judging by the home page, to actually be entertaining and possibly even different. Alas to no avail, it is another of the cloned Dragonfish sites, and I have no idea how I shall squeeze 250 words regaling you with the brilliance of the sites promotions! 

    There are two promotions which show a lot of promise, one for a £500 holiday and the other for a flat screen telly and these run on alternate Thursday evenings. Check out who was the last to win these, this in itself is entertaining, because they have been the same people who won, years ago when I first started writing about this site. 

    Chica is still coming to town and this promotion took place on the 19th September 2007? This worries me, has there really been no-more newsworthy happening since this event. Not at even one of the 60 networked sites?? Because it appears on all of them under the promotions page! 

    The Two Fat Ladies site catch phrase is “Pound for Pound Bingo” a potentially dynamic and fun first impression. Unfortunately the site doesn’t live up to its potential promise and any player unlucky enough to land up playing here is missing out on potential like they would not believe in the British Bingo market right now.

    Two Fat Ladies Bingo
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