Unwrap a 2k Late Christmas Present at Posh Bingo

    Christmas Day is undoubtedly the poshest day of the year, so if you’ve got a few precious minutes to yourself, then check out the shenanigans at Posh Bingo. This is surely the most glamorous site of all time, and if you’re lucky, you’ll just be in time for the Unwrap £2k game. This plays tonight, December 25, at 9:45 PM – one winner will be waltzing off with the whole £2000 prize, and tickets cost 50p. Treat yourself to a few cards – well it is Christmas, after all.

    And then if the conversation around the dinner table is too much to deal with, then click your heels and get to the Chatterbox room for some sophisticated Crimbo conversation. The Early Bird Special plays between 5 AM and 9 AM everyday, and tickets cost 1p.

    And what comes after Christmas? You’ve still got New Year to battle through, but it could be made all the more amazing thanks to the £5000 Sparkling game. Three winners will split 5K, with £2500 for the full house winner, £1500 for the two lines winner and £1000 for the full house winner.

    So if you’re ready for something a little more sophisticated, then schmooze on over to Posh. There’s a 250% welcome bonus and a glamorous 50% extra with every reload.

    Posh Bingo

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