Vampire Bingo an Insult to Blood Suckers

    An insult to vampires

    I’m a huge fan of vampire films and TV shows, so imagine my disappointment when I visited Vampire Bingo. This is truly one of the most lacklustre UK bingo sites I’ve ever visited – the only reference to a vampire is a boring black and white picture of a she-vampire with blood pouring out of her mouth. There is another animation, but this appears to be a witch, sat on a pumpkin. Not relevant at all. Actually, there is a picture of a coffin filled with gold coins, but this is in reference to the loyalty points scheme, where you must cash in your coins for a miniscule amount of bonus cash. Why must the majority of Cozy games sites have such hideous homepages? Send the designers back to do their art GCSEs, please!

    Four rooms to flit around in

    Players at Vampire Bingo can hang from the rafters in four different rooms – Victoria 90, Oxford 80, Bond Street 75, and Piccadilly 30. I’m not so sure why there is a London theme – surely it would be better to have the rooms named after blood types?

    Six happy hours per day

    Never mind that happy hour is only supposed to last for 60 minutes – at Vampire Bingo, there are three per day, and each lasts for two hours. Duh? To cash in on the free bonuses, you must use the provided bonus codes, or else you’ll be left with nothing.

    75 ball prize patterns

    Head for the 75 ball room to cover the spooky Halloween patterns. This week, the pattern is SPIDER, and the following week, it’s DEVIL. If you are the top player throughout each week, you’ll win a £20 bonus.

    200% first deposit bonus

    Vampires are supposed to be hard as nails, and not scared by anything, but when you visit Vampire Bingo, chances are you’ll be petrified by the vile graphics and animations. Still, there is a £15 no deposit bonus – if you fancy sharpening your teeth and taking a bite, feel free and then there’s 200% first deposit bonus. Not bad really.

    Vampire Bingo

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