Vinnie Jones Waiting at Daily Star Games

    A word of warning

    Play free bingo no deposit required at Daily Star Games, or else Vinnie Jones will come and get you. TV hard man Vinnie Jones is the official face of this site, and I must admit, he gives the whole shebang an air of menace. Once you’ve made it past Vinnie’s fists and covered your black eye with concealer (only joking) you should go and check out the £1 no deposit bonus.

    Meet the Jackpot Genie

    And tonight is your lucky night – on February 26, Jackpot Genie is floating into town. Look out for him on his magic carpet – he’ll be landing at 9 PM, and has £5000 guaranteed prizes including loads of extra £50 rewards for loyal roomies.

    Cash match day coming soon

    Be sure to check in at Daily Star Games on February 28. That’s because you will get a 100% cash match bonus up to £100 for your first deposit of the day. Make it big, and make it count.

    Free daily scratchcard

    I love this particular promotion – every day that you log in to play Daily Star Games, you get a free Atlantis scratchcard. The top prize may only be £100, but it’s better than a poke in the eye off a mermaid.

    Daily free games

    There is a splendid spread of free games at this site – the first is Happy Hour which is played twice per hour. Then there is the 75 ball Value Game, which comes along twice an hour as well. And be sure to take a peek in the Power Pot – this can be played for 5p per ticket, and it has a £15 full house.

    1p slots

    Finally, take a spin on the slots, because they are exceptionally good value. There are dozens of 1p slots and scratchcards, meaning you can spin all day without denting your bank account.

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