Virgin Bingo New TV Campaign

    This October sees Virgin Bingo air it’s brand new National TV advertising campaign. This will be rolled out for 3 weeks and shown on all main terrestrial and freeview channels including ITV and Channel 4 and more but there’s too many to mention.

    The advert is led by the animated singing and dancing host, Ricardo a bearded Jalapeno pepper dressed in full Mexican attire! The main point of the ad is to deliver the message that Virgin have ‘Three Hours of Free Bingo Everyday’ which should certainly catch a few people’s eye and generate new sign ups!

    In keeping with the TV advertising campaign the Virgin Bingo site will be given a Mexican make over to co-inside with what we’ll be seeing on our TV screens. There’ll be banners, splash pages, the works….Virgin are going Mexican crazy so keep watching and logging on for more details!

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