Visit Milan America and Asia at Daily Star Games

    The Big Win Travel Edition

    If you play bingo at Daily Star Games this month, you could be getting more than you bargained for, in the form of a luxury holiday to an exotic destination. Start collecting your Big Win Miles now, and you could be winning a trip to Milan, America, Asia, or better still, a destination of your choice. I hear that Barbados is particularly nice at this time of year. See you in the pool, roomies.

    Earn Double Big Win Miles

    If you have your sights set on these holidays, then be sure to check out the action every Sunday, where you can win Double Big Win Miles. Take a spin on the Around the World Slot Game – it has five reels, and a maximum jackpot of £10,000. Then there’s an £8000 prize hidden within the Around the World Scratchcard, and Big Win Games all month long.

    Fastest Finger First

    It plays once a month, and it’s fast and furious to say the least. In Fastest Finger First, you can win £50 per hour, providing you are the fastest deposit the second the clock strikes on the hour.

    Bargain Games all day

    Pour yourself a cappuccino, and pull up a chair – in the Bingo Cafe, you can play bargain games between 7 AM and 8 AM, and once again between 7 PM and 8 PM. On April 9, you can also play 10 hours of bargain games including Happy Hour, Penny Games, and the 90 ball Power Pot.

    He’s on his way

    The Jackpot Genie is flying into town on March 26. A 50p ticket could be bagging you a £2500 full house jackpot, with £250 for the one line, two line, three line, and four line prize. The Genie also has 20 extra £50 prizes stashed under his turban.

    It’s time to meet Vinnie

    Vinnie Jones is the new face of Star Games – don’t let this put you off though. He’s got a £1 welcome bonus, along with a 200% cash match deposit and a free scratchcard, and it’s all waiting for you right now.

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