What’s hot at Bingo Fabulous this weekend?

    The Bingo Football Frenzy at Bingo Fabulous will soon be coming to an end so make the most of it over the next week or so. The promotion ran in line with the World Cup which will conclude on Sunday 11th July so if you want to get your tickets for the Grand Final game set for that date you need to either buy tickets at £5 a pop or get busy earning points which can be converted to tickets. Every 300 points you collect by wagering on bingo and bingo-ing on set patterns will bring you closer to a ticket for the Grand Final which boasts a £5000 jackpot plus £1000 prize pot for all 1TG winners!

    This weekend Bingo Fabulous has 3 juicers to give away so if you like indulging in homemade smoothies and juicers and fancy a new kitchen gadget, this offer could be for you. The 550 watt motor juicer has 2 speeds which make light work of both hard and soft fruit and veg and there’s an extra large feeding tube so you don’t have to cut up any of your ingredients beforehand! The 3 players who bingo the most on the letter J on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will each win one of these handy machines.

    As per the norm, Bingo Fabulous will have their £1 Million Coverall games on Friday and Saturday. The Friday game begins at 10pm and Saturday’s is at the earlier time of 9.30pm and you can pre-buy your tickets if you’re not going to be around.

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