Who cares about Christmas? New Years is where the party is at at Bingo Tag!


    It seems at the moment that everything in the online gambling world is Christmas this, Christmas that. Fat men in red suits are painted and plastered across every page, followed in tow by reindeers and sleighs full of presents. But Christmas is a time for family and friends; what about the New Year? Isn’t New Years after all, the real time to party?

    There are plenty of ways to win a jackpot of New Years Eve, but Bingo Tag might just have the best way of all for you to do so. At Bingo Tag, you have the chance to join their 2013 New Years Eve Party, and possibly bag yourself a share of a massive two thousand and thirteen pound jackpot.

    Kicking off at eleven fifty nine in the evening on December the thirty first (New Years Eve) at the online bingo site is the Midnight Madness Bingo Game. This party promises you the share of that aforementioned £2013 if you happen to be one of the winners and offers you the chance to start 2013 with a bang. The added good news is that you don’t even need to be there to play. Bingo Tag understands that you probably have better things to do, and that you might be away at parties.

    With this in mind, this is why you can pre-purchase your tickets, so you don’t even have to be online in order to win as anything you bag will be checked and added to your account for you. Tickets for the Midnight Madness Bingo Game at Bingo Tag this New Years Eve are on sale now, and can be purchased immediately from the online bingo site.

    Of course if you still prefer the fat man in a red suit over a glass of champagne, then Bingo Tag does have plenty of Christmas offers on the go too. Players are invited to compete for twenty thousand pounds in Bingo Tag’s £20K Christmas Sleigh promotion, and for the chance to win a Smartphone for a penny in their Santa’s Calling offer. More information about the terms and conditions of the New Years Eve offer, and plenty more information about their Christmas promotions can be found at Bingo Tag today!

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