Win a 2 Million Thrill at Tasty Bingo

    If you’re trying to lose a surplus of Christmas podge, then perhaps you’d better not play at Tasty Bingo. This site is dripping it in delicious food imagery, and I guarantee will make you hungry.

    However, if you can resist the delightful graphics, there’s plenty going on for the hungry player, with the £500 Golden Delicious being a highlight. Money really does grow on trees here – it plays each Wednesday at 9 PM, with a £500 jackpot. What’s more, £400 gets split between the 1 TG players, which means if you complete the game with one number left, you could win a jumbo jackpot.

    Then there is the £2 Million Thrill. This plays every other Saturday at 9 PM, with a £2 million top prize – sure the odds of winning are about the same as winning Masterchef, but it’s something scrumptious to tuck into nonetheless.

    A cheaper game is the Penny for a £30 Pizza, which plays every Thursday at 6 PM. Slurp up your penny bingo tickets right now, and if you get lucky, you could be getting treated to a delicious takeaway. Sit down at the Tasty Table for a FREE £10 no deposit bonus plus 200% free then it’s time to chow down at the most lipsmacking site of all.

    Tasty Bingo

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