Win a cruise to Alaska with 888 Bingo

    888 Bingo has just updated their promotions page to show their latest hot offer which is their Alaska Bingo Cruise! This offer will be rolled out over the majority of the Dragonfish powered sites so if you’re a member of Gossip, Silk, Glorious, Gold medal or any of their other sites you might well come across this.

    This bingo promotion is giving away over £20,000 in prizes including the cruise tickets, plus flights and spending money. All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is play in the special 75 – 25 Cruise Coverall Game which will take place on 6th August, we like to give you plenty of notice so you can get your tickets!

    The Full House winner will win the cruise to Alaska plus their return flights and £2000 in spending money. 1 to 4 line winners will win between £1000 and £4000 and the 1TG and 2TG winners even have a pot of £3000 all together so there’ll be plenty of winners.

    To get tickets into the game you need to collect points and you can do this in lots of different ways including: bingo-ing on the Special Ship Pattern, wagering on instant games and bingo games and even for referring friends. Every 2000 points you collect will buy you one ticket into the game so you need to get busy over the next few months!

    If you choose to pre-buy your tickets you will earn free tickets so pre-buy 3 tickets for 1 free ticket, 5 tickets and get 2 free and buy 10 for 5 free tickets. The cut off date to do this is 24th July so again, you still have lots of time to secure those tickets if you want to take part in this offer. I didn’t catch how much the tickets were but I imagine they will be quite pricey as the similar Festive Fortune promotion over Christmas cost £10 per ticket and was so I’d aim to collect points and earn your way into the game instead.

    888 Bingo

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