Win a sexy silver laptop tonight at Fancy Bingo

    It’s tonight, roomies, March 23 – the chance to win an ASUS laptop at Fancy Bingo.

    It’s a super powerful, super slick silver machine – for instance, you can download a Blu-ray movie in a mere 70 seconds. Whoosh! It’s a bit late to earn free tickets for the draw now, but you can buy a few from the Mad March Hatter, who is the mascot at Fancy.

    Wednesdays are always big at Fancy – he gives away top gadgets for a couple of pennies each. This month, he gave away a Kindle Fire, a Digital Camera, and an iPod Shuffle – I can’t wait to see his April lineup, and you will be first to know about it.

    And for the competitive roomies amongst others, don’t forget to check out his Instant Tourney Marathons every Friday – win a share of £500 in these mini tournaments, which only last 10 minutes. The competition is fierce and fun.


    So, if you fancy a bit of something decent, it’s obvious that you need to sign up to Fancy. Sign today, and you’ll get 300% on your first deposit – so that means if you deposit £10, you’ll get a fabulous £40 to play with. And the icing on the fancy cake – a 50% extra online bingo bonus with every reload.


    Fancy Bingo

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