Win a share of £10,000 with T-Rex Bingo

    Everybody loves a big money bingo game, and over at T-Rex Bingo they have one of the best about. All T-Rex Bingo players are fully entitled to join one of the hottest bingo promotions of the minute, and potentially win a share of a massive £10,000 pot when playing with this bingo domain.

    Big Money Game

    T-Rex Bingo currently runs a Big £10,000 game on the tenth day of every monday at their site. This big money bingo game can see you win a share of ten grand, as mentioned earlier, but you don’t necessarily have to land the big prizes to win huge sums of cash.

    trex bingo

    Prize breakdown

    The player who calls a full house in this bingo game will pocket a £750 cash prize, whilst the player who lands two lines will win £500. A £250 cash prize is available for a single line, whilst all players who have 1TG (one to go) will share £2,000. All 2TG finishers will share a total pot of £1,500.

    Everyone’s a Winner

    Now, if you are any sort of mathematician, you can work out that only £5,000 of the £10,000 pot has been accounted for thus far. The really good news is that there is another five grand worth splitting. Everybody who plays the T-Rex Big £10,000 game will get to share the £5,000 pot between them, which is huge news.

    Join Up Today

    So few other bingo domains run these kind of deals. Only on the Dragonfish bingo network do you get these kinds of deals, and to be guaranteed a share of a £5,000 pot, as well as potentially win £750 to yourself, those kinds of deals are not to be missed.

    Make sure you sign up to play with T-Rex Bingo today to get your fill.

    T Rex Bingo

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