Win a Spa Experience with Posh Bingo

    Posh Bingo is giving you the chance to win £2500 of spa vouchers in their special £2.5K Spa Experience game. This bingo game will play on Mother’s Day 3rd April at 9.45pm, if you win, you could take your Mum with you.

    Tickets for this game cost £1 but there’s £2500 in vouchers up for grabs so this is a fairly reasonable amount to pay for a ticket. As a winner you could book a mini break at a spa and have a much needed relax or you could take advantage of the exercise classes and pool and take some exercise followed by manicures, pedicures, massages, the works! The choice would be yours whether you need to chill put and have some ‘me’ time or you want to blitz the spa treatments and come out a different person, it’s up to you.

    Now, the game pays out £500 for the 1 line winner, £750 for the 2 line winner and a whopping £1250 for the Full House winner. As I said the prizes are in spa vouchers not cash and you can pick up your cards for the game for £1. Alternatively, you can earn your way into the game by undertaking various activities all of which are listed on site so why not pop over and take a look?

    Posh Bingo
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    Posh Bingo

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