Win Diamond Bling and White Goods at Bob’s Bingo

    Good old Bob’s Bingo – he showing he’s still one of the best bingo sites by inviting you to play for a £21,000 jackpot. This promotion is taking place throughout May, June, and July – and on August 2, 71 players will share an incredible £15,000.

    Bob is also creating a stir by giving away a diamond ring this month – collect the most patterns throughout the month, and you could win this coveted bit of bling.

    Also, when you cover the various patterns, you could be winning gorgeous White Goods. Prizes this month include an oven, dryer, torch, and freezer.

    And if you’re a fan of public transport, be sure to hop on board Bob’s Red Bus. Join the other riders between 6 PM and 10 PM GMT, where you can play free games and win real cash.

    And there’s even more free bingo in the 90 ball exclusive free room – this is open twice-daily between 9 PM and 6 PM GMT, and once again between 10 PM and 1 AM.

    Looks like Bob’s got everything covered this month! From huge cash raffles, to jewellery, to white good giveaways.

    In our opinion, Bob can set no foot wrong, so if you’d like to meet everybody’s favourite live bingo caller, sign now, and he’ll see you right with a £15 no deposit bonus.

    Bobs Bingo

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