Win VIP Trip to New York with Bingo 3X

    Bingo 3X is one of many, many, many DragonFish sites, all playing on the same network, and offering exactly the same new bingo promotions. Having said that, the special offers for February aren’t that bad. Every Wednesday and Friday, you can win £20 in Gift Vouchers, but you need to be on Facebook to participate.

    You can also win tickets for a $10,000 trip to New York City, including a four night stay in the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Tickets are currently £1, and it’s buy one get two free. Normally DragonFish sites have ridiculously expensive ticket prices – the bosses must have made a New Year’s resolution to offer better value tickets for cost-conscious roomies, so well done for that.

    Also, a new room has opened called the Zodiac. These play once per month, with a £500 full house plus 20 free tickets to the next game if you are the winner. Four lines is £300, three lines is £150, and two lines is £100. Cover one line to win £61.

    Bingo 3X has one of the more generous welcome bonuses on this network – there’s a 200% freebie, and you can play £6000 in free games each month. Not a bad line up really – see what you think and let me know.

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