Bingo Player Colin Crickett

    Colin wouldn't go without his coffee on a desert island! Find out why when you read our interview with him...

    1) What's your favourite thing for breakfast?

    A Extra large coffee

    2) What's your favourite bingo site?


    3) What's the most you've won playing online bingo?


    4) If you were on a remote island, what 3 things would you want with you?

    Some solar panels, kettle and coffee

    5) Favourite fast food?

    Fish n chips

    6) Where do you usually play online bingo?

    On my smartphone where ever I am, dare I say if that means I'm on the thrown then so be it lol

    7) What's your favourite season?

    Winter, as long as I'm nice and warm

    8) What's the best present you've received?

    My daughter

    9) Favourite car?

    Honesty, not big fan of cars

    10) would you have if you could?

    Big superhero fan so the powers I'd choose is that of the flash, speed.

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