Bingo Player Julie Henderson

    Great British Bingo interviewed Julie Henderson to see what in the bingo world makes her tick, she even coughed up and admitted to liking Jedward! Those guys make us laugh too Julie, don't worry you are not completely alone!!

    How did you end up first playing online bingo?

    To pass the time when the children were asleep and meet new people.

    Which is your favourite bingo site and why? Why did you choose to play there over the other sites?

    Sun Bingo. I won a voucher for them so I kinda stuck with them over the years.

    Do you play free bingo? Do you prefer playing free or would you rather find a good deposit bonus?

    It all depends on the features of the bingo site but both are good, free bingo especially for the 1st time at that site.

    Have you ever played with a live bingo caller? If not, would you play if your bingo site offered live bingo?

    Yes on holiday with mother in law and was hard as it was in Spanish lol!

    Have you ever played bingo on a mobile device? If not, would you try it out in the future?

    No I'm really not that technical yet!

    What are your favourite bingo snacks?

    Cheesy Cheddars or Haribo gums

    Do you chat while playing bingo? What’s the funniest thing you have seen players talking about?

    Sometimes I do, but I got to hear about another players PMT problem so turned chat off that day!!

     Tell us a secret no one else knows about you…

    Me secrets, I don’t think I have any to be honest

    What is the last album you bought? Which type of music are you into?

    Is it wrong to say Jedward as I usually am rock chick?!

    What do you think of bingo comparison sites? Do they help you to make a decision about where you will play bingo?

    Yes as they all offer good incentives for different deposit bonuses and exclusive bingo offers.

    What would be your ultimate bingo prize?

    Enough cash to pay off my debt and treat the family

    Have you ever played at a land based bingo hall before? What did you think? If not, what is your perception of them?

    Fun, but it can be much too serious compared to online bingo!

    Guess how many bingo sites there are in the UK now?!

    About 200

    Out of the following 3 which has been your favourite bingo advert this year so far and why?…Foxy Bingo and the prize bus, Lucky Pants Bingo and the funniest most annoying song ever or Wink Bingo and the Dream Idols?

    Foxy Bingo and the prize bus, as its most down to earth and memorable for me.

    Which prize would you like to see Great British Bingo give away to players that sign up for the newsletter?

    Some physical gifts like a notebook and pen.  

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