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    Bingo Player Mary Mullarkey

    What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

    Belgian Chocolate,  Haagan Daaz

    Which member of Take That would you go on a date with?

    Howard Donald  

    Where would you take him?

    A rave!!  

    Have you played mobile bingo yet?


    Describe your worst ever holiday:

    Tunisia, there was nothing at all to do at all, we were miles from anything.  

    How many pairs of shoes do you have and be honest?

    9 pairs of shoes  

    Which are your favourite bingo sites and why?

    Tombola, the prize money is very good, If you can win it!! Easy to navigate, and some nice quick fire games.   Sky bingo, for the same reason as Tombola, albeit the sight a little slower on the computer.  

    What did you have for lunch?


    Tell us something about yourself that no one knows:

    I worked as a sex chat line host for 2 days, hated it, a friend put me onto it, but I could not handle it!

    (We're not surprised you changed career!)


    Why do you play online bingo?

    To hopefully win some money. And catch up with bingo buddies.  

    What's your favourite cake?

    Ginger cake.  

    How often do you play bingo?

    Roughly 3-4 times per week  

    What's your least favourite bingo site?

    Mirror Bingo  

    What's on your iPod right now?

    Foo fighters  

    How did you end up discovering online bingo?

    Tv adverts  

    What tips would you give to a new player?

    Set yourself a budget, hunt around for free bonus's.  

    What's your favourite snack when you sit down to play bingo?


    What's been your biggest win?


    What makes a good chat host?

    A fun, chatty host, not too strict.

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