Bingo Player Michelle Bamber

    How often do you clean your bathroom?

    Twice a week normally Tues and Friday but maybe extra if required, or especially if we have people coming over.  

    What's on your iPod?

    About 2000 songs with everything from The Wurzles to Muse. There's lots of 80's, and lots and lots of Duran Duran!!  

    Where is your favourite holiday destination and why?

    Tenerife, for its lovely weather all year round, fab scenery and you can fly there in four hours from my local small airport  

    Have you played mobile bingo yet?

    No I haven’t, worried I will spend to much  

    Handbags or shoes?

    Handbags I love filling a new one with my bits and bobs!  

    Which are your favourite bingo sites and why?

    Foxy Bingo simple and fun, and Sun Bingo because all my friends seem to use it  

    What's for dinner?

    Pasta bake and sausages  

    Tell us something about yourself that no one knows:

    I once stole and eyeliner from Woolworths when I was about 10 years old!  

    Why do you play bingo?

    For the excitement that I might win big!  

    Who introduced you to online bingo?

    Facebook. I heard people saying how they had won on Facebook.  

    What's your favourite biscuit?

    Chocolate digestive  

    Have you ever met up with anyone from a bingo site?

    No I haven't  

    How often do you play bingo?

    Two or three times a week, sometimes more  

    What's your least favourite thing about bingo?

    The frustration of someone beating you when you only needed one number!  

    What tips would you give to a new player?

    Just enjoy it and treat it as a fun game to play but don’t go into it expecting to make lots of money  

    What's your favourite snack when you sit down to play bingo?

    Crisps or nuts  

    How do you celebrate when you win a game of bingo?

    I put the money away for Christmas on a savings card  

    What's your favourite film of all time?

    The Lost Boys, I love vampires and all things 80'S  

    What other hobbies do you have?

    Competitions and walking  

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