Bingo Player Samantha Mossman

    Samantha is a big Foxy lover, who can blame her hey! She has been great during this interview and put a huge smile on our faces!

    How did you end up first playing online bingo?

    I first started playing a few years ago after seeing an advert on the television and I thought I would give it a go. Although I only won around £5.

    Which is your favourite bingo site and why? Why did you choose to play there over the other sites?

    My favourite bingo sites are Foxy Bingo and Mecca Bingo. Foxy because of the television adverts and Mecca because it was recommended to me by a friend.

    Do you play free bingo? Do you prefer playing free or would you rather find a good deposit bonus?

    I play free bingo. I prefer free bingo because at the moment money is tight as I have a son who is 3 this month and a daughter at six months so all money is going on them.

    Have you ever played with a live bingo caller? If not, would you play if your bingo site offered live bingo?

    I haven't played with a live caller. I probably would play if it was free. It would make a nice change if it was live. Possibly make the game even more exciting.

    Have you ever played bingo on a mobile device? If you have what did you think of the experience? If not, would you try it out in the future?

    I have played bingo on my phone. I have the foxy bingo app on my phone  although I don't think Mecca have a phone app yet.

    What are your favourite bingo snacks?

    Bingo snacks have to be irn-bru and chocolate and if I'm feeling really naughty then chocolate cake although I probably shouldn't!

    Do you chat while playing bingo? What’s the funniest thing you have seen players talking about?

    I don't usually chat during play but when I first started playing I saw two people having a conversation about allotments which I thought was strange!

    Tell us a secret no one else knows about you…

    Please don't put this on Facebook lol! I once kissed my best friends brother but I don't know if this answer counts as obviously he knows aswell? (Your secret is safe with us Samantha)

    What is the last album you bought? Which type of music are you into?

    Last album I bought was Calvin Harris -18 months. I love his dance music it puts me in the mood to party!

    What do you think of bingo comparison sites? Do they help you to make a decision about where you will play bingo?

    Bingo comparison sites don't really help me. I'd prefer to stick with the sites I know. I like the way Foxy and Mecca work and don't really find myself interested in any others.

    What would be your ultimate bingo prize?

    Even a £10 bingo prize would make my week. But if you want an honest answer I would love £1000 to pay of some of my debts and treat my kids.

    Have you ever played at a land based bingo hall before? What did you think? If not, what is your perception of them?

    I haven't but I'm planning to go to Mecca next week with a friend! I always had the impression they were dull and dreary but from what I've heard they are fun and have a great atmosphere.

    Guess how many bingo sites there are in the UK now?!

    I think there are over 3000 bingo sites in the UK. With the amount of adverts on the TV and the internet I can imagine there is that many.

    Out of the following 3 which has been your favourite bingo advert this year so far and why?…Foxy Bingo and the prize bus, Lucky Pants Bingo and the funniest most annoying song ever or Wink Bingo and the Dream Idols?

    Foxy bingo. I think the adverts are funny and I love Paddy McGuinness's voice! I think the foxy ads are more entertaining and fun than any other bingo ads.

    Which prize would you like to see Great British Bingo give away to players that sign up for the newsletter?

    Maybe a £10 deposit to the bingo site of their choice. I think that prize could possibly go a long way for a lucky person.    

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