Bingo Player Sue Smith

    We have a chat with Sue Smith, she didn't especially enjoy her holiday in Corfu, read on to find out why.... (Poor Sue!)  

    What's your favourite chocolate bar?


    One Direction or the Wanted?

    The Wanted  

    Have you played mobile bingo yet?


    Describe your worst ever holiday:

    Camping in Corfu when heavy rain nearly made our tent collapse, and my hubby got drunk and was sick behind the tent.  

    How many pairs of shoes do you have?

    About 60 (blush!)  

    What are your favourite bingo sites and why?

    Roger's bingo because they give a free £5 BB code every week. Means you can still play when you're broke!  

    What did you have for lunch?

    Pea and ham soup  

    Tell us something about yourself that no one knows:

    I've got an addiction to buying handbags - I buy them then hide them in the wardrobe so my hubby doesn't find out.  

    Why do you play online bingo?

    Nobody knows who you really are so everyone is treated equally.  

    What's your favourite cake?

    Carrot cake  

    What do you think of Team Bingo?

    Don't really know anything about it. Possibly a good idea but not for me.  

    How often do you play bingo?

    About 3 times a week online and once in a club  

    What's your least favourite and least favourite bingo site?

    Favourite - Roger's Bingo, least favourite - Harry's  

    What's on your iPod right now?

    Robbie Williams  

    How did you end up discovering online bingo?

    Cashback offers through greasypalm  

    What tips would you give to a new player?

    Get involved with the chat, bbs to be won regularly. Don't expect to win first time, You'll probably have to play quite a few times before your first win.  

    What's your favourite snack when you sit down to play bingo?

    Crisps and nuts  

    What's been your biggest win?

    Online bingo - £35, real bingo - £650  

    What makes a good chat host?

    Someone who gets everyone to join in the chat, holds competitions for bbs regularly and tells jokes!  

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