This Maltese-licenced company operates in the UK and has been supplying its own gaming platform as well as individual consulting services for a prestigious portfolio of online gambling sites since its inception in 2003. In February 2012 it was announced that the company was taken over by Microgaming, adding to the slot giant’s collection of subsidiaries and putting AliQuantum in some very prestigious company alongside the likes of Sherriff Gaming.

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    AliQuantum Software pioneer of many games

    The company doesn’t just provide online gaming solutions: It actually started out developing a platform for mobile games, which in 2003 showed considerable foresight. Whilst you won’t see specific casino or bingo games loading up with an AliQuantum logo, their presence has had a huge effect across the industry as they’ve worked with some key industry players to develop a significant number of the online casino, bingo and betting products that we’re familiar with today. Many of the slots, table, instant win and bingo games that are around today simply wouldn’t exist without input from AliQuantum.

    Big in the mobile gaming markets

    As well as being hugely influential in the online gaming and mobile markets, AliQuantum software also design and implement the gaming technology for use in retail outlets, providing cash management systems, end-to-end software solutions and more, allowing for entire gaming systems to be offered via individual remote stations. This product is known throughout the industry as Kiosk, and products that use it can be found in shops, bingo halls and other non-virtual playing environments.

    If you want to check out some sites that are powered by AliQuantum technology software, then you can choose from around a dozen different online gaming sites that are all licenced – unsurprisingly – in Malta: UK players will immediately feel at home with some famous British brands offering up online games. The original lad’s magazine Loaded has its own AliQuantum-powered site, as does the popular Daily Sport newspaper, with a specialist scratchcard site that’s proved hugely popular in the UK.


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