Byworth Entertainment supply around fifteen different bingo sites, and the key word with this Netherlands Antilles-based company is Variety: They seem to offer far more in terms of game variety and ticket prices than anyone else, along with some other ideas that you won’t generally find elsewhere:

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    What's different about Byworth Entertainment?

    Firstly, they offer free tickets to funded players as many other sites do – however, they also let you swap for bingo loyalty points, which you won’t come across on most other sites.

    All four types of main bingo variant can be found on Byworth-powered sites:  The traditional 90 ball game is, of course, still given star billing – with American-style 75 ball games featured almost as prominently. Shutterboard-style 80 ball games are also on offer if you like playing on a 4x4 grid – and the newest craze in town is also available at Byworth sites: Try a game of 30 ball bingo to see just how fast and furious a game of bingo can be in the twenty-first century, and you almost certainly won’t look back.

    When it comes to progressive jackpots it doesn’t matter which type of bingo you play at a Byworth site: They’ve all got them, with the cheaper 1p-5p cards offering three-figure prizes and the pricier 10-15p tickets paying out prizes in excess of £1,000.

    Single player bingo

    If you’ve never tried single player bingo, a visit to a Byworth Entertainment site will invariably give you the chance to try it out. It’s branded as Jingo Bingo, and is offered with all four of the main variations: It looks a little bit like a scratchcard or instant win game, and is essentially a game of bingo for one. You’re given a card and the numbers are called as per usual, and if you bingo within a certain number of calls then you win a predetermined amount. It works well for players seeking an instant bingo fix rather than having to wait around for the next game, and you don’t have to worry about the size of the pot being too small, as there’s only one player to worry about – and that’s you.

    Byworth offer some other solo bingo challenges as well: If you can match a pre-determined pattern on your ticket after 53, 50, 55 or 16 balls are drawn when playing a 90, 75, 80 or 30 ball game then you’ll win 500, 600, 500 or 200 times your bet amount respectively.

    Standalone bingo sites

    You won’t generally find that Byworth sites offer networked bingo: They tend to be standalone bingo sites instead which makes for smaller pots, but a greater chance of winning – and when someone does win, they’ll almost certainly make themselves known in the chat panel, which makes the games much less impersonal compared to playing on a networked site.


    Byworth Entertainment are a division of Byworth Investments Ltd, and whilst the company is licenced in a non-Whitelisted Caribbean location, players should note that anyone using the software will obtain it from Plex Gaming Ltd in Malta, which does have Whitelisted status thanks to its EEA membership..

    When playing bingo on a Byworth site you’ll be served up around 20 or so side game as well: These are fairly basic, with the slots offering scatters, wilds and basic bonus rounds – although you can choose from seven varieties of videopoker which is impressive for a bingo site, along with Blackjack and (appropriately given Byworth’s location), Caribbean Stud Poker.


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