Unlike many other casino gaming developers, Colossus Bets is unique in the sense it develops games with an exclusive sports betting focus. The Colossus Bets’ website is based in the United Kingdom and boasts an extremely basic design. The site is centred on creating a gaming infrastructure which is appropriate for the format related to sports betting.

    Colossus Bets

    Colossus Bets is particularly focused on developing a sports betting infrastructure for rugby and football, although the betting developer also develops formats for other sports and bets can be made on a number of different sports from the Colossus Bets website.

    Due to the fact that Colossus Bets does not have a widget or app engrained on other sites, Colossus Bets cannot be found anywhere on the internet expect on its own website. Users can however, sign up to the Colossus Bets site fairly simply and quickly, and as soon as they have signed up, they can enjoy making bets on a whole host of sports matches and events.


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