Game Point are developers of free online games, and their site works as a social hub where players can log on, meet fellow players and enjoy gaming together. There’s a choice of bingo, darts, rummy, dice games, the popular Pictionary family drawing game, strategic favourite Othello, MS Windows hit Hearts and many more.

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    Game Point a popular choice for free gamers

    Typically you’ll find tens of thousands of players online at any time with millions of hours’ play logged between them.

    Company history

    The company was founded in 1998 and is particularly good at integrating with German and Dutch platforms, facilitating games through portals, social networks and partner websites and generally utilising a gargantuan amount of development experience to bring more fun and games combined to discerning gamblers worldwide than any other single business entity.

    Licencing restrictions

    By ensuring that credits rather than cash are played for, Gamepoint can ensure that they circumvent the licencing restrictions in very territory they cover, and this strategy has served them well with over 2.5 million players opting to use their portals in the Netherlands in 2009. They now have a fully international platform which operates in ten languages, and the average user plays a Gamepoint application for 2 hours per visit.

    Game Point style

    The sites comes with a very accessible feel: There nothing glitzy or seductive about them , and you really do feel as though you’ve walked into friendly pub and casino game centre that blends all the excitement of a night out at the casino with the fun of a trip to your favourite arcade.

    Gamepoint offer a highly unique proposition and occupy a unique place in the market and their success is well-deserved.


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