Jadestone was incorporated in 2002 and develops interactive, casino and multiplayer games, though the team behind it had been around for a few years prior to that, making online football gaming software. Based in Sweden, they’ve worked with some extremely high profile clients including Nokia, Betfair, Unibet and PAF – so their reputation is unquestionable.

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    How Jadestone operates

    Their main casino products are split into two:

    The Casino Matrix offers table games and slots with a unique, fully-customisable format that lets players enjoy multiple games mixed in with other applications: For example, you can watch a YouTube video whilst playing, or play four table games all at once – so this product will really appeal to gamers with a high bandwidth who want to take their online gaming experience to the next level.

    Alternatively there are Jadestone’s MiniGames: These slots, casino and arcade games can be fitted into the tiniest of spaces and consequently work particularly well in bingo rooms.

    Many games to choose from

    Outside of the main casino products sits the multiplayer range of games: The aim here is to offer up a variety of card and dice games in a poker-style environment, with up to six or eight players seated as they would be in a land casino. This is as close as you can get to the Real Thing and consequently works well, though you rarely see it outside the world of poker. With Jadestone, though, you can play Backgammon, Burraco, Scopa, Shoot the Moon, Dice Hold ‘Em and Liar’s Dice: An impressive clutch of games by anyone’s standards.

    Jadestone’s strapline is ‘Always in Play’, which sums up their technologically-advanced, interactive approach perfectly.


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