The SPIELOG2 company is wholly owned by the Italian Lottomatica group and runs Europe’s largest bingo network, the International Bingo Network (IBN). Previously known as the St Minver network until the SPIELOG2’s forerunner GTECHG2 took it over, this network includes some UK household names sites, such as BingoJoy, InterBingo and ChitChat Bingo.

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    SPIELOG2 offer bingo and casino software

    As well as making software to power these and other bingo sites, SPIELOG2 make software for casino games, lotteries, sports betting and poker, and whilst their platform powers the IBN it also gets used for standalone sites as well.

    The IBN offers 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, but don’t be fooled into thinking they don’t offer any other types of games: 80 ball bingo and live, streamed presenter-led games are possible and will appear universally in the near future.

    Company operations

    SPIELOG2 operate from an office in the West End of London, though they also have offices in Sweden, Gibraltar and Serbia.

    All sites on the IBN offer the same set of promotional incentives, however there are always a huge number to choose from; you’ll need to look carefully though, as many of their purported offers are in fact nothing more than promos for their latest slots or other side games – but it’s all good, harmless fun and won’t upset anyone.

    Tournaments and prizes

    SPIELOG2 are pretty hot on tournament play, offering an above-average selection – they also have a highly unique Fastest Finger First promo, which pays out cash prizes to players that are the first to deposit as each new hour commences.


    As owners of the IBN, SPIELOG2 hold a licence in Gibraltar and are regulated by the authorities in that jurisdiction, however as they’re a software provider rather than an operator, each site that uses their software will have its own regulatory arrangements in the territory that they’re registered in.


    Sites using SPIELOG2 software probably enjoy more freedom to customise their games than that offered by any other provider: They can alter ticket prices, the percentage of takings that feed the pot, jackpot levels, prize structures, drawing speed and much more.

    Players at their sites can enjoy slots, instant win games, casino and other games playable from a custom panel set into the bingo room design, and if that doesn’t keep them busy between games and chat they can even customise the rooms themselves with a choice of skins.


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