Asia365 is actually used in very few online casinos, it allows players to be able to make withdrawals and deposits relatively easily. Asia365 is a payment method used by players in Korea, Japan and China which allows them to make transactions easily at gaming websites.

    If you have a Asia365 account you will not need to enter your credit or debit card details into the site that you play at.  And, because you don't need to your details  this means your personal information is safe and secure.

    Bingo sites that accept Asia365 as a deposit method

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    Registering at Asia365

    When registering at Asia365 there is no personal information required from the player, allowing them to remain anonymous. When registering for the service simply create a username and password. Unfortunately the time it takes for withdrawals to hit accounts is lengthy, so it’s advisable for UK players to opt for a quicker and more efficient service.

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