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New bingo sites crop up all the time and here at Great British Bingo we go to great lengths to bring you only the best sites on the web, and with dozens of new bingo sites appearing every month, that means we’re kept extremely busy.

We feature the very latest new bingo sites

It’s worth checking out the very latest new entrants into the online bingo market as technology moves forward at an incredible pace in the internet gaming industry, and you might be missing out on the latest new trends and ideas if you don’t keep on top of all the new online bingo sites being launched. New bingo sites are particularly worth checking out if you want to try some of the new games that haven’t been on the market for very long. Try out the latest new bingo sites for 2016

New bingo site experiences?

When bingo became widely available on the internet, UK players were generally offered the traditional 90 ball game with its 15-number tickets, but there’s much more out there if you have a taste for trying out new experiences:

Try 75 Ball Bingo?

The American-style 75 ball game is really catching on now and can be found on most new sites, but for UK players one game that they often miss online is the traditional 80-ball, shutterboard-style game. Newer bingo sites are catching on to this now as well, so if you have a hankering for a 4×4 grid and some coloured rows to play on then try out a more recently-launched site and you won’t have to look far to find what you’re after…

Speed Bingo?

You’ll also find that more and more operators are offering Speed Bingo now, as well: This game is only available on the internet, and it’s played with just 30 balls on a 3×3 grid. It’s consequently fast, furious and is taking the internet bingo industry by storm. It’s just one of the reasons that younger players are becoming increasingly attracted to the game, and will get your heart racing with its high octane blend of thrills and spills.

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Standalone or network sites?

The new bingo sites we promote fall into 2 categories: Standalone bingo sites and networked sites, and it’s worth being aware of the difference:
Standalone sites use software that’s unique to them: They may have developed it in-house, or paid a popular bingo software manufacturer to write it for them – but no-one else will have bingo software quite like theirs. This means that standalone sites are often highly unique, and can offer a playing experience that’s different to every other site on the market.
Network bingo sites, on the other hand, share their online bingo software with a number of other sites. The sites will have different themes and be presented differently, but once you’ve navigated your way into their bingo rooms, the games will be the same. These sites will pool together ticket payments from all players on the network at any given time, so although there may be only a handful of players logged in to your site, you’ll actually be playing against lots of other players from other sites too, and the prize fund will consequently be significantly larger.

Many players don’t realise that they are playing at either a network or standalone bingo site, in most cases this will not even affect your bingo experience. You may notice a difference in the number of rooms or the prize funds that are up for grabs.


The choice is yours

When you are looking for a new online bingo site to play at it can be a really good idea to use a free bingo no deposit bonus, you can then try before you buy and you won’t be then committed to spending any of your hard earned cash. A good way of finding out more information about a new bingo site is to read the latest reviews that we feature, you can be assured that our team of bingo journalists are completely impartial and are not blinded by brand names. If a big, high budget bingo site isn’t very good we will tell you its not very good!

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Every day we are looking out for new online bingo sites, as soon as their virtual doors open we will list them on Great British Bingo. All sites that you find here will be safe and secure and tested by industry experts. The sites are regulated and tested at intervals by external authorities. You may very occasionally come across a bingo site that is Blacklisted, we do our best to explain why that site is Blacklisted, this could be for a number of reasons. If we even get a sniff that players are not happy we will tell you, for example in the past there have been a very small number of sites that haven’t been fast at paying out to their players- this is not acceptable and we will remove the site if this happens.


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